Tips to Consider Before Planning your Trip to Dubai

Dubai, UAEDubai greets its tourists with pristine beaches, majestic deserts, azure waters, scrumptious cuisines and extravagance shopping. Tourism is certainly the most powerful industry in Dubai. Thousands of tourists arrive in Dubai every week from every corner of the world. As compared to the other states in the UAE, Dubai is very liberal but despite its modern side, the state has strict rules and regulations. Every tourist must abide by these laws to have a safe and fun-filled trip to Dubai.

The city is not all about resorts, arcades, hotels or waterparks so you must venture beyond the hotel pool to see what else it has to offer. Following are a few tips that you must consider before planning your trip to Dubai.

The Rules and Regulations

The dazzling city of Dubai is one of the most liberal cities in the world but it is also a stickler when it comes to the rules. The government and all the officials are strict legal enforcers so everyone (both locals and tourists) is expected to follow rules and regulations. Being so strict about the laws makes Dubai one of the safest and crime-free metropolises in the world.

Accommodation Issues

Accommodation is the biggest issue for every tourist travelling abroad. Dubai offers a plethora of accommodation options to its tourists depending upon their budget. The city features a number of unique, luxurious and expensive hotels like Burj al Arab, Atlantis – The Palm and so on but one can easily find budget hotels as well. If you are travelling with your family, then you must go for affordable apartments and villas in Dubai which are also available for short stays. These short-stay accommodation options are equipped with modern facilities to make your stay comfy and relaxed.

Travelling during Ramadan

Ramadan is a fascinating month to travel to Dubai especially, if you are interested Islamic culture and festivals. Remember though, if you are planning to have a scrumptious meal in a restaurant or a cafe or bar during the day then you better change your mind. Ramadan is a month of fasting for Muslims so you too should avoid indulging yourself in a hearty meal at a restaurant or in public. From dawn till dusk, all the restaurants and cafes remain close and no one can eat in public, so be very cautious and check the exact dates of Ramadan to alter your plan accordingly.

Never Click Without Thinking

Most of the tourists carry cameras with them to take photographs but here in Dubai, you should never take pictures of strangers without their permission. You cannot take pictures wherever you like since there are areas where photography is not permitted. Avoid taking pictures of government buildings, military installations, airports, docks and other locations of similar nature.

Hope these tips will help you in planning and enjoying your trip the fullest and making the most of it.

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