Tips for Getting Some Sun Next Winter

Do you find yourself getting depressed during the long, dark months of winter? Do your nerves get frazzled when you are unable to get outside and move around freely because of the extreme cold? If so, now is the time to begin planning for a trip to warmer weather next winter. The sun shines every day in many locales, so choices for spending the winter in a more temperate climate are plentiful; however, leaving home for an extended period of time requires a little forethought.

Winter Beach Holiday

The Destination

Once you have made the decision about how long you can stay in your sunny location, it is time to do some online research. You will have to decide if you want to travel from one place to another or stay in the same lodging for the entire period. You may want to rent a villa, but you always have the option of staying in a residential hotel. You will need to think about transportation as well because this will determine how much you can pack to take with you. Packing should not be a problem if you are going by car but will be quite limited if you must take a plane. Just remember that most items will be available for purchase when you arrive at your winter destination.

Medical Issues

Before leaving home, it is best to make one last visit to your doctor and take care of any little medical problems that might need attention. This is also the time to get prescriptions renewed or filled and to update any vaccinations, especially if you are planning to travel abroad. If possible, also get your yearly influenza injection at this time.

Paying Bills

Make sure that you have the necessary financial options in place to pay your bills while you are away from home. This might mean having them automatically deducted from your checking account or giving a close friend or relative the means to take care of them. It may be possible to pay monthly bills that are always the same, such as a car payment, in advance.

Home Maintenance

Before leaving home, stop the mail and clean the refrigerator. Unplug unnecessary appliances and empty all messages from the answering machine. Close all curtains or blinds and set the heat to the minimum temperature required to keep the pipes from freezing in your area. As added security, it is a good idea to put the lights on a timer and hire someone to shovel the snow in front of the doors so that the house does not look vacant.

Experts say that emergency planning is also important for those who travel for an extended period. Always make sure that someone from home has information about how to get in touch with you and keep them abreast of any changes in your plans. Carry emergency numbers and identification with you at all times and have them labeled appropriately in case you are unable to communicate with medical professionals.

Taking the time to plan your winter escape now will pay dividends when you are relaxing in the warm sunshine next winter!


Guest author Claire Atkinson writes for a site that has more tips on what to think about when planning a winter sun getaway.

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