Tips for Different Methods of Travel

There is a certain science to travel that involves strategic packing and meticulous planning to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible on the trip and at your final destination. Since summer is approaching, vacations are abounding either in the country or overseas for cruise vacations, European vacations and more. This article will discuss some important travel tips for everything from traveling by car, plane, cruise ship and train in addition to discussing everything you will need once you arrive at your destination.

First, we’ll start with traveling by plane since this is typically the most inconvenient and confusing travel options. Plan before you even get on the plane what will be most comfortable for you. If your budget allows for first class seating, you should always choose this since this will allow you to stretch out in your seat and have your own space during the flight for maximum comfort. Additionally, think about how long the flight would be and how often you have to use the bathroom during that time period. If you have to get up frequently, it may be best to consider an aisle seat so you won’t have to constantly inconvenience the person next to you throughout the flight. Next, keep all of your essential items in your carry-on bag so you can be comfortable throughout the flight. Include pens, notepads, books, light jackets and electronics in your carry-on item so you can stay as comfortable as possible during a long flight.

On a long car ride, you can also set aside a special bag with all of your essential items for the trip. Invest in car chargers for all of the electronic items you use frequently such as cell phones, iPods, portable video games, computers (if available) and more. For items that don’t have a car charger alternative, be sure to keep them fully charged before you leave and charge again whenever you stop to eat or rest for the night. Layer your clothing for the trip so you can maintain a comfortable temperature at all times without inconveniencing other people in the car. Finally, if you’re not the driver, try to sleep as much as possible on the car trip since this will guarantee you will feel comfortable and will make the time go by much faster.

When you travel on a train, things can be a bit different and actually tend to be more comfortable than both plane and car rides. However, since trains are frequently traveling at such high speeds, it can often cause uncomfortable motion sickness. Take Dramamine or a similar medicine specifically for motion sickness. If you have a long train ride ahead of you, try to sleep only in the earlier half of the trip since trains make frequent stops and it’s easy to sleep through your own if you fall asleep within an hour or so of your expected arrival time. One positive about trains is that you can bring essential items with you without having to pass through tight security. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and other toiletry items to save money on travel-size purchases.

A cruise ship is a fun summer vacation that lets you enjoy yourself as much as possible while in transit to your exotic destination. Motion sickness is another common problem on cruise ships, so if you commonly suffer from this it would be best to have plenty of Dramamine on hand as well. Additionally, drink lots of water and try not eat too many heavy or spicy foods since this can often make it worse. Other than those precautions, a cruise ship is an ideal form of travel that ensures your complete comfort throughout the trip.

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