Tips For a Business Trip To London

A business trip to London can be splendid, while also sprouting possibilities. If you are here for a business tour, with your schedule including a conference with big-wigs of your industry, you can make your travel profitable through some useful tactics. Just begin to plan it wisely.

Here are a few tips to join London exhibitions while you are here, in an effort to promote your business.

London business trip

Join the Exhibitions and Fairs

London hosts several international fairs and exhibitions, which aim to bring the top achievers of the industry together. You can also find out some useful fairs and exhibitions, which can contribute to your business purpose. Join such events to know about the latest trends of your industry, and work to improvement. It is better to book hotels near Excel London, Alexandra Palace, Barbican Centre or any such big venue, as such venues are likely to host a event related to your industry.

Arrive With a Plan

If you are going to be in London soon, have a detailed and assured plan in your hand. To attend one of these exhibitions, register for it in advance, book a hotel, and have a clear idea of where are you going to eat and drink. Have a complete plan laid out in your hand, where you plan to go, and how. You will also find cheaper transportation options with Oyster Cards. Secure everything before you move here, from stay to transportation, participation to your meeting with any businessperson.

Work According To Business Hours

For business in London, you will have to work according to the business hours. Different businesses have different working hours. However, you will find most of the business available between 09:00 and 17:00, from Monday to Friday. In case you need to visit the bank for transactions, you should go between 09:00 and 16:00, from any day between Monday to Friday.

Business Etiquette Code

If you are here for business, you will have to adhere to the business dress code. A standard dress code for men is tie with a suit. While it varies for women, depending on their industry type they are dealing with. London usually favours formal dressing during business dealings. As a business etiquette, it will be advisable to avoid smoking completely. People and government of London have a negative attitude towards smoking. Besides, Londoners prefer minimum touch, so avoid any physical contact more than a handshake for a short duration. It is always better to address someone by second name. Christian names show a non-formal relation, which is inappropriate for business dealings.

Plan your visit to London, with a successfully laid out detailed plan. Secure your place for each activity you plan to involve in.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the tips what i suggest is everybody should have a plan ready with them whenever they go out somewhere as time management is really very important to lead a successful life ahead.

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