Dubai Tourism – Things to Remember while Visiting Dubai

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Dubai is a city that survives on two things: Its real estate and tourism! Dubai real estate is not doing all that well these days but Dubai still has some of the most luxurious and lively places which make it the one of most prominent tourist attractions in the world. These sites do not just keep the interest of tourists and shopaholics but also shield the raw beauty of the unexplored desert domain abetting the lands of the city.

Dubai has worked hard to earn its reputation of being the one of the biggest, greatest and the best global tourist destinations. It has the world’s tallest tower, the largest shopping mall and the biggest dancing waterworks in the world. While the city is inviting enough, there are a certain things you need to keep in mind while visiting Dubai. Some of these things are discussed below.

Don’t go during summer

This is the thing that most of the travel agents hide from you just to make money. But I want to tell you that visiting Dubai during summers is a bad idea. Summers are uncomfortably warm in Dubai. If you are going to visit Dubai for your tan, dune-bashing in the desert, exploring parks and seeing the city then summer is definitely not the time to visit.  During summers, you will get incredibly cheap flights and cost effective hotel packages but it does not mean that you will enjoy your trip when the temperatures hover over 103 to 105 F and the climate becomes humid.


Avoid public displays of love even if you are in a legal relationship with your partner. A kiss on the cheek of your spouse can get land you in prison for as long as a full year. Even though this rule is not always enforced, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also watch what you are going to wear in public because short skirts, skin-tight tops and hot pants are discouraged. Revealing clothes such as bikinis are allowed for some beaches.

Don’t visit during Ramadan

During Islamic Holy Month Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and break the fast when the sun sets. During the day, cafes/restaurants remain closed but supermarkets remain open. Souks open later in the day but serve no food/drink until after sunset. No eating and drinking is allowed in public and no alcohol is served anywhere during the day. Ramadan is not the time if you want to see Dubai in full swing.

Don’t hit the picnic spots on weekends

In Dubai, weekend is observed on Friday as it is a sacred day dedicated to Muslim prayers. You should avoid hitting any picnic spot on weekends. Shopping malls remain open throughout the week but that is not true for some of the other places. On contrary, you can visit these places on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a great day to visit and enjoy more of Dubai’s attractions.

Don’t take pictures of the locals

You may be curious and eager to see locals in their national dress and cannot stop yourself from taking their in dishdasha and abaya. But I will strictly forbid you from doing so. It is considered rude and awkward to take pictures of the locals without their permission. It may lead to serious outcome later like your camera being confiscated.

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