The 10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Luxembourg City

A small landlocked European country, Luxembourg is a wonderful place to visit. The capital city of this small nation is known as Luxembourg City.

Located amid deep valleys cut by two rivers, namely, Alzette and Pétrusse, Luxembourg City has several tourist attractions. These range from places of historical interest to natural wonders to adventure sports activities. Here are some of the most exciting things to do in Luxembourg City.

Any time of the year is suitable for visiting this city, however, the most pleasant months here are May, June, and September.

Luxembourg City at night

Getting around in Luxembourg city by car is quite easy. Make sure to rent a car with a good-quality roof racks for carrying bulky travel gear while on day trips outside the city.

An innovative way of getting around the city is to glide around it with the Segway which is an electric mode of transport and is also 100% eco-friendly. It lets you move around the urban environments without emitting any harmful substances in the air.

Here is a guide about what to do in Luxembourg city:

1. Wander Around the Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

This is the perfect place to begin your trip to Luxembourg! A Unesco World Heritage Site, the Old Quarter, developed since the 10th century, was once surrounded by fortifications also known as the Gibraltar of the North. The Old Quarter is located in the Alzette River valley.

Today you’d find tree-lined quaint streets covered with small rounded stones and also lush parks. These zigzag streets have many noteworthy buildings, grand squares and castles, all at a short distance from each other. As you walk around the historic Old Quarter, explore areas like picturesque bridges and winding alleyways at your leisure. For food, you’d get several delicious options, particularly numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

2. Traverse the Bock Casemates Tunnel

Seventeen kilometers long, this tunnel is accessible directly underneath the Montée de Clausen castle. The Bock Casemates tunnel, initially rock-carved by the Spanish in the first half of the eighteenth century, served as a bomb shelter for thousands of locals and soldiers during the World Wars I and II.

The Bock Casemates tunnel consists of atmospheric passages and majestic rock stairways. The best time to visit this interesting place is from March to October. From the entrance of the tunnel, take the stairs down leading to the enormous archaeological chamber where wall plates summarize the history of the defensive structures.

Take in splendid views of the Alzette valley from numerous chambers and balconies opening to the north and south, once structures for holding cannons.

3. Tour the Palais Grand-Ducal

Palais Grand-Ducal, L:uxembourg City

If you are thinking hard about what to do in Luxembourg, the breathtaking architecture of this 16th-century palace is reason enough to tour the city. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the members of the royal family officially reside at the Palais Grand-Ducal.

A visual treat, especially for art lovers, the architecture of this palace combines medieval and gothic designs. A striking feature of the palace’s front is the harmonious effect created by two polygonal wrought iron towers ascending from the first floor. The austerity of the palace’s facade is softened by decorative elements that belong to the late Spanish Renaissance.

Furthermore, five windows spread lengthwise on every floor capture the sunlight while accentuating the elegance of the palace’s façade.

4. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral (Luxembourg City)

Built in the early seventeenth century by the Jesuits, the Notre Dame cathedral served as a church to their college, the present-day National Library.

As you approach the north gate of this cathedral, you’d realize that it’s the most memorable part of the structure. The reason being that the north gate has detailed and luxurious embellishments of attractive stained glass from the 19th and 20th centuries, modern carvings and a miniature Madonna-and-Jesus child statue over the altar.

Each year after Easter, politicians and people of royal status walk the halls of the Notre Dame cathedral when the national pilgrimage gathers people to the closing ceremony here.

The graves of the Grand-Ducal royal family are located in the Ducal Crypt of this cathedral.

5. Indulge in History at the Luxembourg City History Museum

Held within four reconstructed 17th-century houses, the Luxembourg City History Museum tells you exactly what to do in Luxembourg. The museum provides deep insight into the history of Luxembourg both as a city and a country. It also preserves the architectural diversity and growth of the city and its population right from the 10th century.

You’d surely enjoy the numerous interactive cultural events conducted at the museum. One such event is “Night of the museums” when the History Museum opens its collections to you after hours (from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m.).You’d also get an opportunity to socialize with artists.

6. Go Green with Petrusse Valley Parks

A hidden gem in the heart of Luxembourg city, the Petrusse valley parks are a perfect getaway from the noisy surroundings of the city. These parks are a beautiful blend of steep slopes, unusual rock formations and the ruins of bastions. Make sure to visit the St. Quirinus Chapel cut straight out of the rock.

To add to your pleasure, you can consider renting a motorcycle while taking the route to the parks. Make sure to rent one with durable bike parts so that you can have a safe ride in the hilly terrain of the parks as well.

If camping interests you, Kockelscheuer region in the surrounding area of Petrusse Parks is a good option to consider.

7. Flock to the Upper-Sûre Lake

If you are traveling to Luxembourg during summer, then Upper-Sûre Lake is one of the best leisure spots you should visit in the city. You’d find plenty of water sports options here such as swimming, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, and sailing. Upper-Sûre Lake is one place where you’d never wonder what to do in Luxembourg city.

If you are a foodie, there are myriad options near the lake. Take a quick bite at pizzas and burgers or satisfy your taste buds at multi-cuisine restaurants and breweries. Don’t forget to try some of the best traditional foods of Luxembourg, such as Gromperekichelcher and Quetschentaart.

Want to stay overnight in the surroundings of this scenic spot? There is a range of accommodation options easily available – from budget to luxury. For instance, there’s the Hotel Le Postillon for a budget stay near the lake. While choosing a luxury hotel, one good option to consider is Hotel Gourmet and Relax De La Sure.

8. Indulge in Festivals and Outdoor Events

A splendid place for festivities and outdoor activities all around the year, you’d certainly find numerous fun things going on here. So, Luxembourg city caters to a wide range of interests.

Springtime brings plenty of fairs for you to enjoy. Also, you’d get an opportunity to participate in the festive celebrations of Easter and other religious holidays. If you are traveling to this city during the summer, you’d get to watch free concerts, outdoor movies, and indulge in street art festivals and wine tasting events.

If you plan your vacation during the cold winter months, then the city has light festivals and car shows to delight you.

9. Take in Amazing Views of the City from Chemin de la Corniche

Known as Europe’s most beautiful balcony, the Chemin de la Corniche gives you breathtaking views of Luxembourg city. Chemin de la Corniche is suitably located above and below the rocky Bock tunnel and is certainly a favorite spot of photography lovers! This pedestrian walkway, letting you admire the impressive architecture of the city, was established in the 1600s by the French and Spanish.

Among the panoramic views from the balcony are the Alzette valley, the Grund district, the Rham Plateau, ancient city bastions and bridges. View the city in the late afternoon, bathed in brilliant daylight and then wait to see it become illuminated as night falls.

Fall and winter seasons give you some of the best views of the city from here. In fall, witness the foliage changing colors on the hills and in the parks. During winter, take in views of the snowfall turning the city into a fairytale Winterland.

10. Enjoy a Concert at the Philharmonic

A concert hall situated on the Kirchberg plateau, the Philharmonic is a remarkable piece of modern architecture. It represents the multicultural feature of Luxembourg city. Philharmonic hosts conductors, singers, instrumental soloists and orchestras from every nation in the world.

Superb acoustics and the close association with key and renowned musical personalities make the Philharmonic one of the best European concert halls.

So, plan a trip to this small but splendid city and cherish beautiful memories with your near and dear ones! You can visit the entire city in a day or spend weeks here at leisure.

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