Things to Check Before You Travel

Make sure your dream holiday is problem free by making a list of all the things you need to do before leaving home.  The longer you are going for, the more organised you need to be, which is why it can be helpful to jot down all the jobs that need to be done before you pack up and head off.
United States Passport

Passport and Visas

If you are going abroad then you need to make sure that your passport is up-to-date and you have all the documentation needed for any travel visas you have applied for.  Make sure you allow for plenty of time before your vacation to undergo any vaccinations you might need and order your foreign currency from the bank.

Travel Insurance

Make sure you set aside some time to research travel insurance companies, as it is essential you take out a policy with a reliable and trustworthy company. Use price comparison sites and talk to friends and family for any recommendations. Make sure you read the small print, so you fully understand what you are covered for and keep all the documents with you when you travel.

Your HomeMonitoring Your Home

Ask a friend to keep an eye on your house while you are away and if you have a pet make sure you have made arrangements for them to be taken care of for the time you are away. It is always useful to make copies of your passports, credit cards and travel details, just in case you lose the original documents.


Around a week before you are due to fly, make a list of all the clothes you plan to take and make sure they have all been washed and ironed. Check you have plenty of sun tan lotion and after sun, as those products are normally very expensive in tourist destinations. Ensure you have several rolls of film or more than one memory card for your camera and that you have enough toiletries to use during your holiday.

Mail delivery truckNewspaper and Mail Deliveries

Do not forget to suspend all mail and newspaper deliveries while you are away and check with your mobile phone provider to see whether you will incur extra costs if using it abroad. Let your credit card companies know you are going away, so none of your cards are blocked and let your family know of your travel plans in case there is an emergency.

Last Minute Tasks for Your Home

Just before you leave the house, empty your fridge of any perishable items, water your houseplants and empty all the bins in the house. Do not forget to set any light timers you might have and make sure all doors and windows are locked.


Guest post by author Flynn from  Online Travel Insurance.

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