The World’s Most Interesting Rock Formations

One thing we can never ignore is the beauty of the natural world around us as well as our own achievements as a species on this planet. Nature however has a way of making all our achievements pale in comparison to its unstoppable, unrelenting forces. One of those amazing creations of nature are the world’s geological formations that sometimes look as if they defy the very laws that bound them. Unique and beautiful rocks capture the imagination and minds of those who view them. The following article aims to point out some of the most beautiful of those formations around the world. We begin with the first one:

Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayer's Rock, Australia

Better known as Uluru, this formation has a deep, sacred significance to the local tribes and Australians in general. It is located in the Northern Territory, towering over the local landscape with its massive sandstone walls at nearly a thousand feet. If you want to take a trip walking around the whole rock formation you should prepare yourself for quite a trip – nine kilometers or five and a half miles. Its beautiful facade changes color each sunrise and sunset, being visible for many miles around.

Arbol de Piedra, Bolivia

Stone Tree, Bolivia

A beautiful and truly stunning natural creation due to erosion of the local volcanic rock has worn it thin in a haunting, beautiful manner. It is located in the Desierto Sololi, a local desert that has strong erosive effects on the local rocks. It is reminiscent to a tree with its strange shape and irregular form at almost 4600 meters above sea level.

Khao Ta-Pu, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

James Bond Island Ko Tapu Thailand

This rock formation is famous due to many factors, one among them being a major key to its fame. The James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. It is a large and tall limestone rock with a narrow bottom and a wider top which looks almost impossible with its strange geometry. Tourists often frequent the place to look at this strange and beautiful rock sitting in the ocean.

Kannesteinen Vågsøy, Norway

•	Kannesteinen Vågsøy, Norway

This large and unusual stone is located in the waters near the village of Oppedal in Vågsøy. It is 3 meters high, looking like a giant rock mushroom. The forces of the sea and corrosion have made such a strange and beautiful shape possible.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway, Ireland

A wonderful UNESCO Heritage Site, situated in County Antrim, Ireland, Giant’s Causeway is something to be seen for sure. They are truly an unforgettable sight, being the result of the local volcanic eruptions and their effects on the rocks of Ireland. The basalt columns interlock with each other is an almost perfect hexagonal form, making them seem like something out of a sci-fi flick. A truly impressive small feat of nature, they act as a major draw for tourism in the area.

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