The World’s Most Beautiful Sunsets

Being able to experience a beautiful sunset in a new country is one of the best things about travelling around the world; you can appreciate the size and scale of the sunset from a new perspective, while also enjoying some of the most isolated and visually striking destinations to see it from. Some of the best countries and places in the world in which to see a beautiful sunset include Italy, Chile, Australia, Costa Rica, and the Eastern Coast of the United States, all of which have their own special attractions.


Sunset in Sicily

When visiting the Italian countryside in Sicily, you can appreciate the sunset over the Mediterranean – from villages and country roads you can see the red skies created over the fields of wheat in Sicily, as well as how it that light reflects off the Mediterranean coast.

Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert Sunset

Travelling to Chile gives you the chance to see the sunset at the Valley of the Moon in the Atacama Desert – the sun goes down over mountain ranges and sand dunes, and produces rainbow colors in the night sky. You can also see the sun set over fields of Pata de Guanaco, a brightly colored flower local to the region.

Manuel Antonio Beach

Costa Rica Sunset

Another great spot to see the sunset is Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica – facing off the West coast of the island, the sandy beaches of Manuel Antonio are ideal for watching the sun set over the Pacific; the Beach is also great for surfing, and for enjoying beach front hotels.


Benirras, Ibiza Sunset

Every day, tourists and locals on the Spanish island of Ibiza watch the impressive sunset from the Northern coast of Benirras – something of a ritual for holidaymakers, the orange skies, and the view of the sun going down over the Cap Bernat, attracts drummers and a party atmosphere.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor, Maine Sunset by time stands still on Flickr

See the sun set over the peaceful harbor of this Maine resort, where you can enjoy the brilliant colors created over the lakes and rivers; cruises can also be taken around the harbor during sunset to really appreciate the changes in color that occur.


Sunset in Norway

In Norway, sunset can take a lot longer than other parts of the world, and is particularly impressive in Svalbard, as well as in nearby Longyearbyen. The sun setting over the fjords, and gradually going down over an extended period of time is worth seeing.

The Serengeti

Serengeti Sunset

Travelers to Tanzania in Africa can witness the sight of the sun setting over the vast plains of the Serengeti National Park; numerous paintings and poems have been produced to capture the beauty of the Serengeti’s beauty during sunsets.

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy Sunset by *_* on Flickr

When staying in the French Alps, take the time to look out over Lake Annecy, one of the clearest bodies of water in the world, and an ideal place for reflecting the sunset against the background of the Alps and valleys. Rail tours can be taken through the region during sunset.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Sunset

The view of sunset over the vast Ayers Rock in Australia is something to be treasured, and creates strong orange colors that allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Australian outback at close hand.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Sunset by RainHeart on Flickr

There’s few things better than enjoying a meal and a cocktail while watching the sunset over Tahiti – clear waters, sandy beaches, and the reflection of the sky from the sea makes Bora Bora an excellent place to see a sunset.


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  1. This is so lovely and appealing. I really want to experience the sunset especially at Benirras which I fell is the best sunset view i had ever witnessed in my whole lifetime.

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