The World’s Best Year Round Ski Destinations

skiingIf you love to ski, then you know that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Most skiers throughout the world ski only during the cold months and then wait around half a year for the following season to come around again. Life is too short to wait around to do what you love. If you love to ski, then go out and find where this is possible in the summer months. Then again, you could just stick around and read the rest of this article. Within a few minutes, you will know about all the best summer skiing options across the world.

If you live in the United States and you’re not fond of the idea of leaving the country to ski during the summer, you’re only going to have two options. One, as you might have guessed, is in Alaska. However, the problem is that this is an extremely expensive option. It’s possible to take a five-day trip to the Tordrillo Mountains to ski, raft, fish and site-see. The cost: over $8,000 per person. Unless your name is Forbes, Trump or Winfrey, you’re probably going to pass. That being the case, let’s look at the other option, which is actually located in the continental United States and is a lot cheaper. Go straight to the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. While this is the only place you will find quality skiing in the summer months in the continental U.S., there is one negative here as well. Young snowboarders seem to think this is some form of racetrack. If you’re not careful, you could get hurt. If you’re wise, you will ski when they’re not around.

If Alaska and Oregon don’t sound appealing to you, your next best options will be Chile and New Zealand. Let’s start with Chile, which offers Ski Portillo and Velle Nevado. We know Ski Portillo is an amazing ski destination because it’s where the U.S. ski team trains on an annual basis. That should tell you something. Benefits to skiing at Ski Portillo are steep and open trails, glacier views and no lines at the lifts. Velle Nevado has recently undergone hotel and operation renovations. The snow here is also superb at 10,000 feet.

If you would prefer New Zealand over Chile, look at Mt. Hutt and Mt. Ruapehu. Mt. Hutt has the most incredible views you will find at any ski destination in the world. You can see the Pacific Ocean stretch from the plains to the mountains. Another big plus for some is that the locals like to hang out and cook in the parking lot. This is an open invitation; anyone there would love to get to know you. It’s a great way to learn about another culture person to person. The only negative for Mt. Hutt is that it’s on the small side, but that shouldn’t deter you. Mt. Ruapehu is much larger, but the views are not quite as mesmerizing. The people are just as friendly, though.

Another place to visit for summer skiing is Switzerland. Zermatt guarantees that they will always have snow and they’re always correct. This is a popular destination for professional European skiers, which indicates Zermatt’s quality.

If you would like to visit Buenos Aires and ski on the same trip, this is a possibility. Flying from Buenos Aires to Las Lenas – a 7400-foot peak – takes less than two hours. You can enjoy the summer sun one day and the frigid slopes the next.

Honorable mentions include Blackcomb Glacier in British Columbia and Thredbo in Australia. However, it’s recommended you choose one of the locations above first.


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  1. I live in East Africa and we don’t have snow here, except on Mt Kenya. I’ve never traveled outside the continent and only see this on TV 🙂

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