The Top 5 Benefits of a Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Bed and BreakfastIf you are considering taking a holiday at the Sunshine Coast you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of accommodation options to choose from, such as private cabins, luxury hotels or bed and breakfast establishments.

Whilst there are benefits with all these types of holiday, bed and breakfast rooms are often the most popular. Below are five reasons why:

1. Outstanding Value

The cost of staying in bed and breakfast accommodation is usually lower than that of a hotel. One of the main reasons for this is that a bed and breakfast does not normally provide the standard of facilities to its guests as a hotel does and therefore the cost of running a bed and breakfast is lower than that of a hotel.

For example, the majority of bed and breakfasts are unlikely to provide the number of public rooms that a hotel does and they are less likely to provide swimming pools and spa facilities. Also, because a bed and breakfast tends to be family run, it does not normally have the huge costs of employing lots of staff.

So, the lower running costs can be passed on to the guest by usually charging a lower amount than that of a hotel.

2. Choice

There are so many different styles of bed and breakfast properties that you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are staying in a property in a town or in one out in the countryside, they are structurally likely to be different. Therefore, you may prefer to stay at a couple of different bed and breakfasts in the Sunshine Coast to experience the varied architecture.

3. A Wonderful Breakfast

When you stay at a good bed and breakfast you can usually expect to look forward to a generous, traditional country breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs or fresh fruit, cereals, plenty of bread, fruit juice, toast, preserves and tea or coffee.

It is unlikely that you will require anything to eat for quite some time after breakfast as they are often served in large portions.

4. Personal Service

Owners of bed and breakfast accommodation tend to be either one person or a husband and wife business partnership.

Owners in the Sunshine Coast area, and elsewhere in Australia, provide an outstanding welcome when you arrive at their homely bed and breakfast because it is just that – their home. Having been greeted you will quickly be shown to your room and offered refreshments in the lounge to help you settle in.

The owners are also a fountain of knowledge about good restaurants for dinner, places of interest and often provide directions or transport options to get to these places.

5. Peaceful and Intimate

Bed and breakfasts are often located in peaceful locations such as small villages and in country homes and farms that are often far off the beaten track surrounded by miles of open countryside to explore. This gives you the opportunity to forget about the outside world, perhaps do some walking and never see another person on your travels. The owners tend to leave you alone but are there if you require them.

You can relax, read a book and enjoy refreshments that are often homemade.

So, if you are planning on going to south east Queensland’s Sunshine Coast on your next holiday, why not book in at a bed and breakfast and enjoy the services offered by them?

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