The Road Trip is Over: Entertaining Your Infant When You Get There

Many people who have welcomed infants into their lives may believe that they need to curtail their travel more than necessary. While it is not so easy to just get up and go anytime, there are certainly ways to leave home and enjoy all that traveling has to offer. Below are some strategies for making travel with growing babies of all ages a pleasant experience and for success with each outing.

The Road Trip is Over: Entertaining Your Infant When You Get There


The first step toward any excursion is ensuring that everything you can think of to bring along is packed. While it is often impossible to remember each and every possibility, keep a list handy of essentials that would be difficult to find, such as specific tools you use that make caring for baby easier. Rather than get stressed over forgetting a minor item, keep in mind that in most places you can get things from a local pharmacy if need be, as long as the destination will be other than the wilderness or outside of the country. In those cases, take extra care to pack well.

Ways to Entertain a Baby When Away from Home

While most people may think of keeping older kids occupied, the truth is that babies can be just as challenging. This is true for both on the road and at each destination. Even when visiting relatives, unfamiliarity for babies could make them crankier than usual. Below are some ideas to consider for dealing with this issue.

1) Play Mats and Gyms

The Bright Starts company makes a variety of ultra-portable baby play mats and gyms. All Bright Starts baby gyms and play mats are all fully portable and easy to pack, store and set up. For younger babies, the 2-in-1 ConvertMe functions as a mat and has plenty of fun activities and built in toys designed to keep baby occupied while away from home. Because it can be converted into a table, as baby grows, he or she can continue to be amused with the lights, sounds, beads, teethers, rattle, mirror and book. Because it takes up so little space, parents will find it to be not only convenient, but indispensable.

2) Portable Toys

Toys like Chime Along Friends and Lots of Links feature bright colors and sounds to provide hours of entertainment for infants. Because they are fully portable, they can be easily taken anywhere. The plush characters chime and feature an assortment of textures. Lots of Links are designed to stimulate baby’s touch and include a reusable storage bag that is convenient for storage and travel.

3) Baby Playard

Another way to keep your baby entertained, especially when you are busy attending to other matters, is putting them in a playard with some of their favorite toys. Some playards even come with attachments, like mobiles, to add to their entertainment, as well as a diaper changing station and bassinet. You can go about other business, knowing that your baby is safe and secure in one area with plenty of toys to occupy them.

Aside from regular feedings and sleep, there will most likely be a great deal of down time to consider during travel. Therefore, be as prepared as possible ahead of time. This will make it easier to arrive at your destination as stress free as possible. Also, be willing to adapt to change and be as flexible as you can about schedules and activities to accommodate for traveling with an infant.

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