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If you are planning to visit Spain these vacations then go for it, because Spain is not a country to miss out when you love sight seeing and cherishing spectacular architecture along with a traditional culture. If you are thinking about which places to visit while on the trip, then here is a traveling guide to Spain for you and your family’s fantastic vacations. It has all the places which one would never forget, because this country is not only about bullfights and beaches, but the real beauty of Spain lies in the natural scenery of the country which reminds one of the Moroccan hills and breezy weather. The architecture of the country is also known for its antique style and stoned design of the ancient palaces and the Renaissance period.

It is very important for every visitor to know that Spain was once a nation made up of various different kingdoms like, Andalucia, Madrid, Valencia, Basque country, the Canary Islands and many more which can only be remembered once a person visits those regions of royal splendor. The most intriguing thing about all these kingdoms is that they are all unique in their language, style, culture and lifestyle, and all these unique features are evident even today. the first thing which every visitor must do after reaching the country is to find their hotel and have rest because once they start their vacations, they would not want to stop at any point. Every hotel of Spain is located in a very interesting site, which is usually near a museum or a beach, so tht the visitors can easily walk their way to the areas they like to see.

Traveling guide to Spain starts off with the beaches, which are the most evident beauty of the place. There are numerous beaches along the coasts of La Manga, Galicia, Malaga, Almeria, Asturias and Euskadi. You can enjoy the sandy beaches along with the blue waters and cool breezes which are always on the run to refresh every corner of the country. All these beaches are near the accommodation areas for tourists, which are at a walking distance to the regions’ museum. The museum of every region is well maintained with all the historical and cultural pieces for tourists to study the history of the kingdom, which was once part of the Spanish nation.

The architecture of every region is also fabulous, because every region has a palace of the kingdom, which represents the culture, lifestyle and art of the place. You can always find architectural structures in Antoni Gaudi, Cordoba, Madrid and Salamanca are worth taking a look at, because the lavishness of the castles are highlighted with lights and torches at every nook and cranny of the building. Structures can only define the architecture, but in order to observe the culture and tradition of Spain, one has to visit the big cities of the country, which are Barcelona and Madrid, because most of the population lives in these areas. When it comes to enjoying the natural beauty of the country, then one should visit the Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada and Andalucia, where the hills are breath taking.

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