The Perfect Family Outing In York

Times being what they are, I suppose we’re all finding money’s getting a bit tighter. So when it came to discussions about where we should take the family holiday this year and considering the costs, we thought that our usual two weeks in Spain or Portugal might just have to wait for a year or two.

The question then was, “If not there, then where?” Charley came home one day soon after and said, “I was talking to a colleague at work the other day and he came up with a suggestion. I’ve been looking into it and it’d fit perfectly into our budget.” When I asked him where he was thinking about, he replied, “York”. I thought I’d misheard. I asked, “Can we afford New York?” He just replied “No, York in Yorkshire. Geoff at work said he and his family had had a great time there. You can use it as a base to tour Yorkshire and there’s so much to do and see.” “Will you tell the kids or shall I?” I asked and he said he would. When he did, Tony’s jaw nearly hit the floor and Sue looked like she was going to gag.

Places to stay

The Shambles, YorkWe booked our accommodation and certainly for hotels York has a great variety. Ours was a traditional one near the town centre, very comfortable and welcoming. We arrived late on and had a meal in the hotel so we could get up early to look round York for a day. We intended to make it a quick tour and then spend the rest of the holiday touring elsewhere, but we were in for quite a surprise!

The Shambles

We started by going to Shambles and it was just entrancing. It goes back to medieval days and was just like walking into a historical programme on TV. With its narrow, cobbled streets and quaint individual shops, it was very atmospheric, not at all like the bland high streets we’re used to. We went on from there to do the `Walk around the Walls Tour’, which we got an audio guide for, so we could go at our own pace. It’s about two miles and has parts that go from Roman times to the medieval period and later. That took us to lunchtime, so we headed back to Shambles where Charley had had his eye on a nice-looking pub and very cosy and friendly it was. We had a lovely meal and Charley was very impressed with the beer. All in all, you can see why it won the award for Britain’s Most Picturesque Street 2010.

York Castle Museum


After lunch we went to York Minster. It’s just so impressive that photos really can’t capture it. It also goes back to medieval times with some parts added later. The architecture and stained-glass windows were so marvellous; you just wonder how they did it. We went on from there to the York Castle Museum. That was so interesting that time just flew by and we spent the rest of the afternoon engrossed there. We’d wanted to go to Castle Howard and the National Railway Museum that day as well, but there just wasn’t enough time. So instead of touring around for the rest of the holiday, we spent more days going round York to see some of its other fascinating attractions.

On the way home, at the end of the holiday, Charley asked, “Want to go to Benidorm next year?” We all replied “No, let’s go back to York again.”

This guest post has been written by Sally Rowland. She has been writing articles and content on travel across the web and in her spare time and is hoping to share her enthusiasm and knowledge in topic related to travel.

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