The Essential Guide to Visiting Australia

 One of the big reasons people choose to travel to Australia for a holiday is simply because there is so much to do in the country. Whenever you travel to a destination such as this, it is important to work out everything you want to do, see, and experience, before you travel. This then avoids you arriving in the country and being in awe of everything, going off track, and then regretting that you missed something when it is time to head home.

Of course, you can allow some flexibility for if you discover something that has the true ‘wow factor,’ but for the time being check out our essential guide of places and experiences you simply have to have on your list.

Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock

Uluru Ayer's Rock Australia

The Australian experience is not complete without taking a drive into the center of the country to Uluru National Park. While Uluru itself is clearly the main attraction, the surrounding area is some of the most beautiful landscape on Earth, with rock caves and natural springs everywhere to be found.

For an authentic visit to Uluru, arrange to stay overnight and be taken around the site by an Aboriginal guide, who will tell you all about the history of the area and why the land is so sacred to those people.


7 Mile Beach, Tasmania

Tourists have historically forgotten this island, but today it is a must-see place that any nature-loving holidaymaker will dedicate a few days to seeing. Take the ferry across the Bass Strait from Melbourne, and then drive around the perimeter of the island across miles of beautiful beaches, awe inspiring cliffs, and thick dense forests to the state capital of Hobart, which is filled with museums, great restaurants and bars, zoos, and so much more.

Australia Zoo

Dingo at the Australia Zoo

Speaking of zoos, if you are anywhere near this amazing site north of Brisbane then you simply have to visit. Known globally for its links to the legendary late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo is a sprawling mass of breathtaking features and exhibitions, with wildlife in an environment that most zoos struggle to match.

Whether seeing your favorite animal or a live crocodile feed is your thing, this is definitely a ‘must visit’ on your list.

Sailing Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor, Australia

Many people head to Sydney with the aim of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but we think a better experience is a boat ride around the harbor area. Boats head inland towards Kendall Bay and Melrose Park, while in the opposite direction you can skirt around the suburb of Manly and explore many small bays and coves littered around the locality.

Wherever you are heading in Australia there is so much to see and do that all your holiday time will definitely be filled. Make sure these ‘must do’s’ are firmly on your list and that you don’t miss out on these once in a lifetime experiences.


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