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The Cultural Attractions of Houston, TX

Recognized as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Texas, Houston has much to offer visitors in the way of culture. Whether you are interested in spending a night at the theater or you prefer to explore some of the greatest art in the world, there are plenty of cultural attractions in Houston to satisfy every taste.

The Museum District

Located slightly south of the downtown area, the Museum District in Houston boasts no less than eighteen museums, as well as a bevy of other cultural attractions. The offerings here range from science museums to art galleries to prized architectural icons. There is even a zoo when you are ready for something a bit exotic. One of the best benefits of this prolific cultural district is that many of the attractions here are located within easy walking distance of one another.

The Museum of Fine Arts is actually one of the most extensive museums of its type in the entire country. This 30,000 square foot space is filled with a massive collection of nearly 60,000 pieces. The art works contained in this museum span not only the globe but also history and range from Asian pieces to ancient African artifacts. In addition, the MFA is also home to a wonderful Americana collection that includes costumes, textiles, photography, and contemporary art.

The Theater District

The Theater District of Houston is considered second only to New York City in terms of the number of seats contained within a concentrated downtown area. You will find the District situated in the heart of the downtown Houston area. Here, you have six performance halls and nine performing arts organizations to choose from when you are ready to enjoy an evening of culture. Houston is actually one of only five cities in the country with permanent resident companies representing each of the major performing arts disciplines, including:

Houston is also frequently a stop for a wide range of touring companies from concerts, exhibitions, shows, and Broadway. In addition, the city is often home to some of the largest shows in the country that represent a wealth of interests, including auto, gun, home, and boat shows.

Spanning some seventeen blocks, the Theater District also boasts an array of parks, plazas, movie theaters, and restaurants. Bayou Place, a multilevel building, features a dizzying selection of live music venues, bars, restaurants, theaters, and billiards. Jones Hall, and Wortham Theater Center present classic and independent plays throughout the season.

The Houston Zoo

Located inside beautiful Hermann Park, the Houston Zoo attracts almost two million visitors annually. Once you have had the opportunity to visit this spectacular attraction, you will see why. Boasting approximately 6,000 various animals of various species, the zoo offers a fun and unique experience for visitors of all ages. The most popular exhibits at the zoo include:

  • The Tropical Birdhouse
  • The Wildlife Carousel
  • The Asian Elephant Habitat
  • The African Forest
  • The Reptile and Amphibian Building

The zoo also offers a number of classes and activities for children of varying ages.

Historical Attractions

Houston is also home to a wide array of cultural attractions that are certain to appeal to history buffs. Inside Sam Houston Historical Park, visitors will find numerous beautifully restored homes that date between 1824 and 1868.

No matter what your taste may happen to be, the vibrant cultural district of Houston truly offers something for everyone.

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