The Best Walking Trails in Ireland

Travelling by foot is the best way to experience the best of what Ireland has to offer.  Stunning scenery, fresh air, sandy beaches, picture perfect views and intriguing landmarks await you if you decide to embark on an Ireland walking holiday.  We have come up with the top three walks in Ireland to help you decide on the best place for your holiday.  All are sure to be an experience like no other… just make sure you are prepared for the temperamental Irish weather!

Bray Promenade, Ireland

1. Greystones to Bray Coastline Cliff Walk

If you are planning on staying in Dublin or the surrounding areas on your holiday to Ireland, an excellent way to spend a day is cliff walking from Greystones to Bray.  The trail for this walk is around four miles long and should take around two hours to complete for the average walker.  It does get quite steep in places so is not recommended for families who are walking with young children.  Picture perfect views are guaranteed on this walk so be sure to remember your camera, tripod, lenses and anything else you think you might need to capture the perfect shot.  The seaside resort of Bray marks the end of the walk so stop for an ice cold beverage or take in the views from Bray Promenade before heading back to your hotel.

Wicklow Way, Dublin, Ireland

2. The Wicklow Way, Dublin

The Wicklow Way, located just south of Dublin is possibly the most famous walking trail in the country.  In fact, there are now multiple trails that make up the Wicklow Way that cater for all ages and fitness levels.  The scenery on these walks is absolutely incredible with glacial valleys, lakes, mountains, forests, farmland and streams dotting the landscape.  Walkers who really want to go “all out” can take part in an eight to ten day walk which will take them all over the area and enable them to experience everything that the Wicklow Way has to offer.  This will of course require some extreme endurance levels.  There are a variety of places where you can stop for a night if you choose to embark on this trail, and there really is no better way to explore the beautiful Irish countryside!

Rostrevor, Newry, Ireland

3. Rostrevor Forest Walk, Newry

The Rostrevor Forest Walk is exactly what it sounds like; a beautiful walk through the forest.  The forest itself has been declared as an area of special scientific interest and it has been given the title of a National Nature Reserve.  There are three different trails through Rostrevor Forest ranging from 1.25 miles to 4.5 miles long, so people of all ages and fitness levels can take part.  Blue arrows guide the way to ensure you won’t get lost.  The walk will take you past a 40-ton glacial erratic stone and also give you some breath taking views over Carlingford Lough so remember to bring your camera!  Facilities such as toilets and a picnic area can be found towards the end of the trail.


Newry is one of our favourite walks and is a great place to spend a holiday in Ireland.  There are a variety of Newry hotels available so be sure to find somewhere comfortable – you’ll need a lot of rest if you’re taking a walking holiday!


  1. If anyone is interested in walking the Wicklow Way, we can help as we organise four to nine day walking holidays along the route. We would be delighted to offer any any help or advice to anyone thinking of walking the Wicklow Way or you can visit our website at for further information. Although we do not run organised walks along the Greystones to Bray cliff walk, I have done it many times and would be delighted to offer any help or suggestions to anyone thinking of walking it.

    Many Thanks,
    Peter Galvin

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