The Best of the Beautiful British Beaches

If you’re looking for the ideal vacation getaway, then look no further than the British beaches and shores. The beaches of the UK are known for their natural beauty and historical significance; here are some of the most beautiful beaches to visit in the UK.

Bournemouth - British Beaches


5 Superb British Beaches

Whether you’re a family looking for a peaceful retreat or a younger person seeking some recreation, Bournemouth might be your answer. This 7 mile shore located near the Isle of Wright is ideal for families who need to get away from it all. Surfers will enjoy plenty of attractions as well, including a newly constructed reef that is very accommodating.

Set in bucolic Northumberland, Holy Island ranks second in some of the most beautiful British beaches to highlight your visit to the UK. If you are alone and are searching for a serene spot to kick back and relax, then you’ll find what you need at this magical island. The isle, which was once a sanctuary for Christianity, also is home to a beautiful castle. Another part of the scenery worth noting is occasional sightings of the grey seal.

Broadstairs Beach

Broadstairs Beach

Located near Kent is Broadstairs Beach, the third best beach lining the British shores. Far from the hustle and bustle of London, you’ll find plenty to do in Canterbury, a quaint old town that features live entertainment and a fireworks display during the summer. Viking Bay is one of the largest beaches in the area that offers crystal clear waters and white, luxurious sand.

Another noteworthy beach worth checking out is Studland Beach. Located in the heart of Dorset, this lovely and secluded beach is three miles of dunes that are typical of what you might find at an American midwestern shoreline. You’ll enjoy access to the beach by hopping on the chain ferry, which will take you directly to nearby Poole Harbour. Let the kids play in the dunes while you and your spouse enjoy the serene sounds of waves crashing along the shore. This unique beach has something for the entire family to do.

Porthchapel Beach in Cornwall

Porthchapel Beach in Cornwall

Last but not least, Cornwall on the southern tip of the UK borders the Atlantic Ocean, offering expansive coastline as the majority of the county is surrounded by the sea. There are so many cottages by the sea in Cornwall┬áthat accommodation with a view should be easy to find. For the young vacationer, North Cornwall has a wide variety of interests and has a few more lively towns than the very south. Because of such a beautiful coastline tourism is a huge income for the area which means plenty of activities such as surfing, windsurfing, water skiing or simply lying out in the sun and catching some rays. Also, you’ll enjoy visiting all of the local bars and pubs that seem to come alive at night. South East Cornwall is ideal for families who just want to relax, offering great fishing spots for adults and shallow waters for children.

Whether you’re a large family or a younger person looking to have a good time, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the most beautiful British beaches. These beaches made the final cut because they cater to a wide variety of interests and age groups; so whatever your preference is, it’s definitely worth a trip to England to see for yourself.



Sally writes for Cove Cottages who are lucky enough to be based in St Agnes, Cornwall and have a selection of holiday cottages looking out to sea at one of the best British beaches.

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