The Best Cities to Visit in Eastern Europe

Best Cities to Visit in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has a special charm to itself. The majority of the cities here had a similar historical experience. Such as the communist regime, similar architectural influences, and people with a more or less similar temperament. The people are all very welcoming, polite and have a lot to offer.

As for their cities, they are charming, flamboyant, with a lot of medieval architecture gracing it all around. Every city has a charm of its own so it’s best to explore them one by one and hopefully, this list will give you an insight you need.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is also known as Little Paris and, it will have you in for a treat. After a long time of communist oppression, this robust looking city has opened its doors for everyone. It’s known for its mix of brutalist and Italian influenced architecture, which brings a special kind of atmosphere to the city. They are also known for hosting notoriously good bachelor parties and overall fantastic nightlife.

Apart from the enormous and famous Palace of Parliament which is an absolute must-see, the land of Count Dracula will surprise you by its unusual sites. Strada Arthur Verona is a street filled with some of the most magnificent street art in Europe. Some people are even referring to Bucharest as the New Berlin for all of those wonderful graffiti and of course the underground night scene. Then we have the charming Umbrella Alley which is an alley protected by wonderful and colorful umbrellas which are hung through the entire alleyway.

Romanian food is absolutely mouthwatering, the beer is fantastic and really affordable. You will get to try some of their specialties like the traditional skinless sausages Mici, Plescoi sausages, Sarmali and all of the traditional sweets.

As for the nightlife, the epicenter of the party is the Old Town. The party usually starts around midnight and the entrance fee is free. There are a lot of clubs, pubs, nightclubs and strip clubs from which you can choose to spend your night. Some of the best clubs in Bucharest are Kristal Glam Club, Fire Club, Bamboo Club and many many more.

Budapest, Hungary

The charming city of Budapest has many wonderful sights, is really big on culture and has an overall great feel to it. They are known for majestic architectural landmarks, ravishing streets, polite people and lots of museums and art galleries. There are a ton of fun things to do in Budapest!

Budapest has one of the most beautiful and one of the biggest architectural landmarks – The Palace of Parliament. It situated just by the slow and steady river Danube so if you buy a boat ride ticket you will be able to experience this magnificent landmark from water. And just behind the Palace of Parliament, you will arrive at the Kossuth Square from here you will be able to explore over 40 theaters and over 100 museums and art galleries.

Budapest also has a lot of thermal baths. Here you can enjoy yourself in the serene atmosphere. There are numbers of salt baths, and the majority of them have indoor and outdoor swimming pools and offer relaxing massages.

The nightlife in Budapest is really exciting. You will be able to enjoy a lot of different music from pop, Latin, , jazz and modern electronic music. There are a few districts you should check out Liszt Ferenc té, Ráday Utca and District V. Here you will find all of the cafes, bars, pubs and nightclubs suited for your needs. Some of the best clubs in Budapest include Corvin Club, Racskert, Szimpla Kert, Instant and many more.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

Krakow has a tragic history behind it, but nevertheless, the people recovered, and the town has become absolutely vibrant and flamboyant. Their original Slavic people are one of the most hospitable people you will ever meet. They are full of life and have a contagious spirited energy, and truly make Poland tourism unique and special.

Many tourists have compared Krakow to Prague many times. And they have come to the conclusion that Krakow is just like inexpensive Prague. By saying this we don’t want to strip away Krakow’s charm but just as a matter or reference. It filled with cobblestone streets, magnificent medieval squares and buildings. With Main Square – Rynek Glowny being the most popular.

They also have a Jewish District – Kazimierz. And this is one of a kind district. Here you will experience wonderful medieval synagogues, antique bookshops and cozy cafes which are all absolutely authentic. The district was left untouched after the WWII so you will get a full-on experience of the place.

There are so many nightclubs in Krakow that you will probably have a hard time choosing which one to go to. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem because the bars are all next to one another. There are many vodka bars serving authentic Polish vodka and regular, pubs, bars and nightclubs. One of the more prominent clubs includes Lokal Krakow, Shakers, Frantic and Prozak 2.0.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava stands between the magnificent river Danube and the beautiful mountains Little Charpatians. It is a flamboyant city full of young students, joyous people and wonderful architecture. Bratislava is a small city but a city full of hearth.

It has a really joyous atmosphere to it because of all those young students you will see all the time. That is because Bratislava has one of the biggest student campuses in Eastern Europe. So a mix of culture and youth bring the city the perfect energy.

In the Old Town District of Bratislava, you will be able to experience beautiful cobblestone streets and alleyways, beautiful and cozy cafes on every corner, street performers, and a crowd of young people. One of the most authentic places to visit is definitely Kapitulska Street which is just outside of the Old Town. They are filled with medieval buildings with rustic facades and narrow cobblestone streets.

With so many young people making the majority of the population it’s no wonder Bratislava has a great night scene. Here the night start around midnight and lasts until dawn. The music varies from pop, Latino, jazz, techno and drum and bass. One of the best clubs in Bratislava are Subclub, Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge, Trafo Music Bar and many more.


Each and every city on this list has a special kind of atmosphere and charm to it. But the one thing in common is the people who are absolutely wonderful. They will make you feel more than welcome, serve you the best food in their restaurants, and maybe even show you around. Experiencing Easter Europe is something different and very special. If you choose to visit any of these cities, there is no doubt you will have the time of your life!

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