The 5 Best Places to Horseback While on Vacation

If trotting along winding countryside trails or thundering through awe-inspiring canyons on horseback is your idea of vacation, then you’re in luck. Whether it’s stateside or worldwide, horseback adventures are growing in popularity. With equestrian inspired travel in mind, here are the top five places to horseback while on vacation:

1. Haleakala National Park, Maui

horseback riding

Image via Flickr by LongHornDave

The only thing better than horseback riding is horseback riding in paradise. So, why not go on a horseback vacation in Hawaii? Haleakala National Park will take you from one sightseeing extreme to the next all via a galloping steed.

Thanks to Maui’s unique landscape, horseback riders in the national park are able to ride through lush, tropical forests one day and up the side of a volcano the next. To top it all off, riders can lead their horses to water by way of Walmoku Falls, Maui’s tallest waterfall.

2. Estancia, Argentina

For vacationers wanting to get a real feel for the history of the equestrian lifestyle, there’s no better place than the small town of Estancia. In fact, horses are such a way of life in Estancia that they almost outnumber the people of the town.

True equestrian travelers can immerse themselves in Gaucho tradition and even attempt some of the more strenuous rides through the nearby Andes Mountains. In fact, Huechahue is the town horse ranch and acts as base camp for weeklong horseback excursions into the Andes.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

If you want to experience everything that true Western horseback riding has to offer, then Bryce Canyon is the vacation for you. Travel back in time to the Wild West by galloping through red canyons and past towering plateaus in Utah’s most popular national park.

When it’s time to hit the trails, cowboy guides are available to help you strap on those western saddles and navigate you through the breathtaking landscape complete with challenging trails that lead to age-old rock formations.

4. Quebec, Canada

As far as luxury horseback vacations go, Quebec offers equestrian travel for those vacationers who also like grandeur at the end of a long day of riding. Gaspé Peninsula horseback tour immerses riders in Canadian landscapes from one alpine inn to the next.

With the Inn-to-Inn Ride, you’re able to see everything Canada has to offer in terms of mountains, alpine forests, and seashore trails. But, instead of a nightly campfire, you can pamper yourself with a hot shower, warm bed, and delicious breakfast come morning.

5. Amelia Island, Florida

For something completely different from the horseback vacations above, why not take your adventurous equestrian spirit to the beach. Amelia Island’s one and only Kelly Seashore Ranch offers riders beautiful beachside treks through the ranch’s 200-acre preserve.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another horseback vacation where you can literally spot dolphins from the comfort of your own horse. And, because the ranch is a fully working equestrian facility, horse lovers are able to pitch in as ranch hands too.

So, the next time you want to travel by horse, try some of the destinations above and truly experience everything horseback vacationing has to offer.

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