That Simple Bottle of Water Costs HOW Much??

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You might not realize it, but when you go out on a day trip, you end up spending a large chunk of your designated budget on drinks and water. Buying them en route is expensive enough, but more than often the place that you are visiting will charge much more than most of us like to pay for such simple things. If you are visiting a designated picnic spot, a zoo or maybe an amusement park, you will almost definitively end up needing something to quench that thirst and the only option available is to buy drinks that have jacked up prices. The answer to this problem is very simple. Prepare and bring your own food and drinks when possible.

A cooler would do the trick. Simple equipment that is nothing but an insulated box that you can load up with ice and drinks… you’ll be assured that cool water and other favourite drinks are always available (even if you have to leave it in the car and go out to get it when you want it). It makes great sense to get one and carry it to your outings with family and friends. By bringing your own drinks you’re not only saving money, but you have the peace of mind knowing that healthy and safe drinks are available for your family. However, if it’s an all-day affair and the temps are soaring, your plain old typical cooler may not be able to cut it.

The answer for this is using a powered cooler. This nimble little device can hook up to any home supply, as well as the cigarette lighter inside your car. This means that you can power it up wherever you may be. The device that we tried out on our last trip to the zoo was the Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler. It connects to the car’s power supply comfortably and can hold as many as 40 cans of beer or large bottles of water. The device has been calibrated to run in a way that it keeps the contents inside on a cool 40 degrees lower than the outside temperature. So even when the ice starts melting in your regular cooler, you can be well assured that inside this machine, your drinks are going to stay nice and cold. In the long run you will realize that you will end up saving a lot by investing into something like this if you do a lot of longer trips.

Spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer months can often lead to dehydration. The consistent sweating can leave your body in a state that can cause severe problems. As such it is good practice to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water as often as you can. But carrying around water becomes a problem because it heats up really fast and before you know it, the bottle of cold water that you were carrying has turned into a bottle of luke-warm water. Yuck. So be smart and invest in one of these power coolers as soon as possible. You will not only solve the problem of dehydration in the summer months but also end up saving a bulk of money in the long run. Stay smart, have fun and save money.


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