Ten Reasons Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Going on a gap year is highly recommended if you want to see new parts of the world, while taking on new experiences. You can choose to take a gap year between school and university, or at any time in your career if you just want a break from work. There are many reasons for taking a gap year, from having the chance to meet new people, to being able to take advantage of cheap accommodation and travelling options around the world.

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These reasons, and more, are listed below:

1. Seeing More of the World

You may have fewer opportunities as you get older to see the world and cross off major continents and regions like South East Asia or Africa. being able to commit to several months, or even a whole year, of being on the road will allow you to pack in a lot of travel time.

2. Meeting New People

Being on a gap year gives you many opportunities to meet new people, and to interact with them in more unusual ways than you might do at home. Travelling in a group particularly means that you can get to know friends better.

3. Travelling Cheaply

There are several ways in which you can cut costs on a gap year, from staying in hostels, to finding low cost gites and camp sites around France. You can also save money by using Inter-Rail train passes, and single tickets for multiple city destinations.

4. Working in New Countries

It’s possible to boost your employment experience by spending time working as an English teacher, or by completing short term contracts while travelling. work associated with a charity can also help to broaden your experiences.

5. Learning a New Language

Going abroad on your gap year can make it easier to learn a new language by immersing yourself in another culture for an extended period of time. Again, doing so can provide you with valuable skills for future employment opportunities.

Gap Year by Frontierofficial on Flickr

6. Pushing Yourself

A gap year represents a chance to push your limits, either through travel, or by taking initiative and working for an extended period of time; doing so can make you more aware of what you’re capable of.

7. Getting More Insight into Another Culture

Many people can’t understand another culture in depth until they’ve spent time there. a gap year can allow you to learn much more about another country by being more than just a tourist.

8. Ease of Communication

A contemporary gap year doesn’t have to mean being cut off from home. you can use Skype and other online communication methods to ensure that you’re safe and well connected while travelling the world.

9. Flexibility

There are many different options for a gap year; you don’t even necessarily have to travel, and might instead work for half a year, and then go on short trips, or simply work and save up money for the whole year.

10. The Experience

Once you’ve completed a gap year, you can look back and appreciate what you’ve learned about yourself; you may have new insights into what you like and dislike about travelling, and even if you’ve had a bad experience, it can be something that you can learn from over time.

Gap Year by Frontierofficial on Flickr

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