Taking a Holiday in Turkey

Turkey is becoming an increasingly more popular destination for tourists and has plenty to offer the modern traveler. In Turkey you will find it has a unique vibe all of its own as you experience the melting pot of cultures where east meets west. With the capital city of Istanbul spanning two continents, you will be able to experience a culture which is both truly cosmopolitan and very warming. There is a wide range of things to both see and do in Turkey as well as a lot of history and culture on offer as well. You are sure to be able to find something to keep you occupied when you visit this beautiful country.

Hagia Sophia in Turkey

High Street Travel Agents

Traditionally if you are looking to go on holiday abroad somewhere, you will take a look at your local travel agent on the high street, pick up some brochures and go home to have a look at them. Then when you have narrowed down where it is you want to go and the places you would not mind staying in, you go back to the travel agents. The travel agent will then check the availability and prices of you chosen destinations on the dates that you wish to travel. Although there are still plenty of travel agents on the high street, this is not as popular method for booking your holiday any more. With the advent of technology, especially the internet, there is a wealth of information available on the internet and also plenty of online companies who offer you the same services you can find on your local high street. They also usually can offer these at a cheaper price as well.

Searching Online

If you use the internet to search for your next holiday, then there is so much more information available for you that you cannot find in a holiday brochure. You can use a search engine to find out about a country before you visit it. This can include:

  • Areas to stay
  • Weather
  • Festivals and Holidays
  • Activities on offer
  • Reviews of destinations and hotels
  • Advice when travelling

All of this information is free of charge and with the help of your search engine you can find more information on your potential destination than you can shake a stick at. There are plenty of websites such as Wikipedia that can offer you information regards the geography and climate of a country as well as the politics and religion as well. You can also find out about a country’s history before visiting as well as the cuisine that is going to be on offer as well. Timing your trip to coincide with a local festival or holiday is a great way of experiencing the true culture of the local people and can make for a truly memorable experience. If you have a particular activity that you are interested in then you can easily find the best location for this online.

Advice and Reviews

You can make sure that you find the best holiday to Turkey by using one of the many review and advice websites that there are out there. Here you will be able to find our peoples experiences in certain hotels and attractions that you may be interested. Their first hand knowledge and reviews can be extremely helpful. You can use this information to choose the best location to visit and also the best hotel for you whilst you are on your travels. There can be a wide variety of things covered in the reviews such as quality of service, food, swimming pool or any construction going locally when they visited. This can be really valuable in helping you to choose somewhere before you book your holiday. You can also get great advice from seasoned travelers on various websites as well. This advice can vary from how to barter with the locals, things you must take with you or even things that you do not need to bother taking. Obviously everyone is different so is our needs, but advice like this can go a long way to ensure that you have a great trip abroad. With such a powerful tool in the internet which most of us have access to in one way shape or form, it is surprising people do not use it more often when booking their holiday to Turkey of where ever else they are going!


Ted Hunter wrote this article for Travel Republic that offers best holidays to Turkey. Ted is a seasoned traveler and has travelled 62 countries around the world and enjoys haring his experiences in the articles and blogs which he writes.

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