Taking A Gap Year Causes Demotivation: Myth Or Reality?


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The idea that travellers who take a gap year return with a loss of motivation is of course a debate that incurs some truth. There are in fact people who on their return home decide to avoid work and education whilst pining for the adventurous life they’ve left behind.

However is this new found attitude to life due to the gap year they have just returned from? Or the person themselves?

The truth is, self-motivation is entirely dependent on the individual and no holiday, weekend break or year abroad is going to negatively affect the way travellers live when they return. For the majority Gap years in fact do the opposite, providing the individual with brand new experiences, a wider knowledge of the world and in some cases new ambitions for life goals.

Spending a gap year aboard opens a huge range of possibilities that extend further than lying on a beach or sipping cocktails under the stars. There are a wide variety of gap year programs that provide the choice to work abroad or get stuck into some volunteer work too.

Whilst exploring the globe and getting a tan, you can engage with the benefits of living abroad, experiencing new cultures, earning cash and discovering a lot you didn’t really know about yourself. To give you an idea of the motivating trips you can explore on a gap year, take a look at the selection below.

Step into a scene from Born Free

Not only will you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with wild giraffes, cheetahs and hyenas, but you’ll also care and feed baby lion cubs whilst helping to protect their survival in the wild.

The chance to be a wildlife volunteer in South Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you love wildlife you’ll be blown away with the kind of work you’ll be involved with on these kind of trips and in your free time, you’ll have the chance to take a safari too, to see Africa’s big 5 with your very own eyes.

Take a step further than donating money

Instead of watching the adverts and donating money from afar, why not take a hands on approach with volunteer work in some of the poorest rural communities in Costa Rica?

You could be building safe and secure homes for desperate families who need your help alongside exploring this beautiful Central American country. It’s hard to find a more rewarding opportunity than providing people with caring support and making a difference to the people who need it most.

Get some work experience down under

According to Opinionmatters.co.uk nearly one in two employers value travelling overseas, whilst 45% also look for work experience with new employees. So why not combine both by gaining paid work in one the most exciting country’s in the world – Australia.

From hospitality staff to farmer labourers, there are plenty of Aussie positions to choose providing valuable experience, the chance to build your world knowledge and furthermore learn priceless skills for when you decide to return.

Whoever claimed that gap years are demotivating has obviously never experienced trips like these.


  1. I would definitely say MYTH! Taking a gap year helps you to decide what it is you want to do with your life. How can that possibly demotivate you?

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