Iguazu Falls

Family Adventures in Iguazu Falls

Forget Disney. Forget Busch Gardens. This winter, take the family on a real adventure in Iguazu Falls, Argentina. When temperatures drop below freezing in other corners of the globe, the Southern Hemisphere enjoys summertime. Escape the shivers of winter’s chill, and shiver with excitement at this overwhelming world wonder. About Iguazu Falls Measuring approximately 210 […]

Victoria Falls from Zambia

A Trip Victoria Falls – Africa’s Mightiest Waterfall

One of the greatest wonders of the whole world found in south Africa are the Victoria Falls which presents a miles long curtain of water fall which can be witnessed and enjoyed if you plan a trip there this vacation. This lovely and amazing sight was explored by David Livingstone for the first time who […]

Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls – Great Walking Holidays Ideas

Ever since Daniel Day Lewis left a longing Madeline Stowe underneath one in The Last of the Mohicans I’ve had a thing about waterfalls. So this year, finally, I’m looking at walking holidays that take me to these vary places in search of a similar spot so I can re-enact that very scene. I’ll need […]

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