Glangwili Mansion, Wales

Amazing Stays in Wales

When planning a holiday in Wales, it’s worth considering the many different options for where you can stay; these places can range from boutique apartments through to luxury spas and bed and breakfasts, and can include hotels in the centre of Cardiff, as well as more remote cottages and five star accommodation on the coast […]

Surfing in Wales

Top 5 Things to Do in Wales

No matter what your specific taste is when travelling there is something for every member of the family in Wales, whether you like being in the open outdoors or whether you are the one who likes to live the life of luxury. You could be with the whole family or away as an intimate couple, […]

The Amazing Castles of Wales

If you love history and castles, visiting Wales should be on the top of your bucket list. The country is more than just home to HRH Prince William, it’s also home to 641 castles; helping place the United Kingdom in the number one spot when it comes to number of castles per country. Not a […]

Cardiff Stadium

UK Breaks – A weekend in Cardiff

Welsh Culture Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and is part of the British Isles. Although Wales is part of the United Kingdom, the country still maintains its strong individual culture and the Welsh language is spoken by many as their language of choice over English. Wales is generally cooler in temperature than England, […]

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