Lake District

My Lake District Cottage Holiday

I was extremely doubtful when my partner first suggested we went for a holiday in the Lake District.  He’s gets annoyed if he’s stuck inside for too long and I prefer a hot beach and a cocktail to British drizzle.  I was even more alarmed when he said he wanted to rent a self-catered cottage […]

Glamping – Low Dollar Vacations with a Twist!

Why is it that a budget vacation in a low-cost hotel seems seedy and leaves you wanting to take a really hot shower, but staying in a tent makes you feel like you stumbled across a secret nobody knows about? A tent makes the ordinary extraordinary: a tent over a toddler bed makes it into […]

Country Pub

Find Those Independently Owned Country Pubs You’ve Heard About

They may be becoming fewer and farther between, but the UK still boasts a wide variety of traditional, independently owned pubs; places where you can still get a decent pint of local ale, or some real pub food, places where you’ll find the constant buzz of live music or patron’s chatter. If the dull uniformity […]

Cliff Walk

Cliffs to Remember

Being the broke post-college student that I am, I’m always scouring the internet for amazing deals, primarily travel deals, being a travel enthusiast. My dream vacation spot had always been Ireland so when I found this great deal to spend a week on the Emerald Isle, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I booked […]

Northern Ireland – A Rich Culture and Indomitable Spirit

Northern Ireland has had a tumultuous history, rife with violence and poverty. But the Irish are nothing if not resolute, with fighting spirit like few other cultures. The area has produced brilliant musical talent, writers and poets, and sports greats—and it is an intriguing place to visit any time of year. Oceanscapes and Golf Courses […]

Favorite London Vintage Clothing Shops

Many of today’s trendy styles are reminiscent of earlier decades, especially in cosmopolitan areas where vintage fashion is making a comeback. Choose from new apparel that could have been worn in the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s, or buy vintage clothing actually worn in those decades. London is full of fashionable vintage boutiques, thrift shops, and […]

UK College Tours Worth Taking

  As your teenager grows up, college begins to loom around the corner. Instead of growing melancholy about your child leaving home, take this time to bond with them. You’ll inevitably take some trips to visit prospective schools. Use those long hours in the car or on a plane to sneak in some last bits […]

UK Royals Tour

The UK Royals Tour Experience

    People have always been drawn to the royal family. Though tours revolving around the royals used to be conducted a few times a week, they are now highly sought after and are now given daily. Some tours take you around London’s famous landmarks by foot, and others let you ride in style. Whether […]

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