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Checklist for Cruise Safety

As a few recent high profile incidents have indicated that not every cruise operates as intended. Even if the ship does not run aground or suffer an onboard fire, passengers and workers can still suffer injuries in a variety of mundane ways. Preparing for the possibility of suffering an injury at sea and taking preventative […]

Beer in Munich

All Abroad! Staying out of Trouble While Living it Up Overseas

There’s no doubt that you want to have a good time on break, and traveling abroad can offer just that opportunity. Though it can be the best time of your life, traveling overseas is not without its concerns. If you don’t research the laws of your destination, you can find yourself in trouble with the […]

British Airways Airplane

Tips for Safe Travel and Travel Planning

A lot of people can tell you that a great vacation can easily turn into a nightmare if you get caught with your guard down and have no idea how to react in certain situations. It still amazes me when I see people going on vacation without doing much fore-thought and preparation, especially since there […]

Northern Lights

Alaska Vacation? Tips on Staying Safe

Opportunities for outdoor adventures are abundant on an Alaska vacation. Beyond the edge of every village, port and city is a new experience but you need to choose carefully among many of the tours and do-it-yourself attractions since some are more complex and dangerous than others. In choosing an adventure on your Alaska vacation your […]

Hotel Safety

Tips to Keep You and Your Valuables Safe while Traveling

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine Whenever you are given the opportunity to travel you should grab it firmly with both hands. Travel enriches the soul and allows you to observe new places, sights and people, it is a wondrous thing. Although with […]

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