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Things to Check Before You Travel

Make sure your dream holiday is problem free by making a list of all the things you need to do before leaving home.  The longer you are going for, the more organised you need to be, which is why it can be helpful to jot down all the jobs that need to be done before […]

How to Make a Claim on your Travel Insurance

There is always the risk of suffering injury or loss of belongings when travelling. Thus, it is advisable to obtain a travel insurance policy to guard against such potential mishaps in the course of what might be the trip of a lifetime. There are many cheap travel insurance policies available; some are only available online. […]

Save Money on a Cruise Vacation

Cruise vacations remain to be one of the best values today. With the inclusion of food, entertainment, accommodations, etc., there is no wonder why the cruise market is the fastest growing segment in the leisure travel market.  Although the best value, there are still ways for travelers to stretch their dollar and more out of […]

How to Travel Safely in Asia

Traveling is an activity enjoyed by millions of individuals across the globe each year. Exploring different environments, cultures, and traditions is an entertaining and enjoyable way to widen your personal perspective, meet new individuals, and have some great fun! Unfortunately, traveling can also be a dangerous activity, thanks to those who pry on unsuspecting tourists. […]

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5 Reasons You Should Purchase Travel Insurance

In a perfect world, all vacation plans would go flawlessly and travelers would have the ideal experience every time they go on a holiday. Unfortunately, things can and often do go awry with trip plans. Common issues that arise before travelers can even board a flight range from sick family members to natural disasters, which […]

How to Avoid Travel Insurance Scams

When you are planning a vacation, you may want to purchase additional travel insurance to help protect you. Unfortunately this can be hard to do because there are many different travel insurance scams. There are legitimate travel insurance policies out there; you just have to spend a little time researching your options. What Is Travel […]

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