Digital Travel

Digital Tourism: The New Way to Find Travel Deals

According to a 2012 Destination Marketing Association International research study, destination management organisations or online travel sites are investing more money in digital marketing, with numbers reaching more than $39 million over the last few years on perfecting website design. It paid off because around 30 % of tourism sales both European and American holidays occur […]

Resort Timeshare

Getting Away From It All … Without Breaking the Bank

Life can be stressful. It all seems like work, work, work. Admit it, you need some down time. But in this economy, a family vacation just doesn’t make financial sense. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed. It seems like the harder you try to save a little for a rainy day, the […]

Exploring the New Trend of “Social Travel” Sites

Travel is an inherently social medium so it is no surprise that it is starting to merge with the concept of social networking to create a new trend of social travel sites. Videos, pictures, reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, all can be shared in a Facebook-like style. There have been several startups just in […]

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