Getting Around Europe

Standing in the cold in Folkestone, looking over the Channel with Europe invitingly close; the warmer weather, the desperately rich coffee, the breath-taking architecture, it is easy to see why a few weeks backpacking around Europe draws travellers every year. Backpacking really does build an easy camaraderie amongst strangers; more experienced backpackers feel duty bound […]

Rental Car

Car Rental Tips for Your Next Vacation

There are many costs that go along with just about any vacation.  You’ll likely have to shell out for airline tickets, lodgings, food, and entertainment.  And if you want to see the sights in and around your destination, you’ll probably want a rental car (which will end up being far less expensive than cab fare […]

Tips on Reducing the Stress of Air Travel

Transportation, whether for business or for pleasure, can be very stressful. Flying, above all, carries its own subtle tensions, however, enjoying a flight can be very easy as long as the passenger observes certain basic guidelines. These guidelines can help inexperienced travelers as well as the more experienced. The first major consideration is to ensure […]

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