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Full Steam Ahead: 7 Classic Train Journeys to Savor

Trains are great aren’t they? We’re not talking the 06.25 St Pancras Express that arrives in central London just in time for the rush hour. Perish the thought, that wouldn’t be fun. We’re talking classic, exhilarating train journeys that open up a whole new world. Forget the wrong type of snow. From superfast to the […]

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Places Not to Miss Before the World Ends

Let’s face it, for the average middle class person life has become boring. Everything is just too easy nowadays since smartphones, computers and unqualified bloggers all do our thinking for us, which is definitely a contributing factor in the fully developed fascination that humanity has with doomsday. While it’s true that religious people and psychics […]

Cape Town, South Africa

5 Things to See in the City of Cape Town

For visitors wanting to learn more about the Mother City, a tour of Cape Town is not to be missed. Cape Town was recently voted the top travel destination in the world by TripAdvisor – an accolade that stands testament to the city’s wide range of tourist attractions. A mild Mediterranean climate coupled with beautiful […]

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