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5 Alternative Casino Destinations to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is always the first destination you think of when you want to party hard and gamble throughout the night. This destination has become famous with the Las Vegas strip of sparkling lights, superior hotels, fantastic entertainment and gambling opportunities. However, you don’t have to travel to Vegas to have fun; there are many […]


How High?!?! 5 Highest Holiday Destinations

How High? The world’s highest holiday destinations are not for the timid; these hotel destinations scrape into the clouds with their towering height. Whether you want to visit all of them, or just stay at a towering hotel during your vacation, here are the 5 highest holiday destinations. Baiyok Tower II, Bangkok – Located in […]

North Tower Fountain, September 11 Memorial, New York City

World’s Top New Landmarks

With all the new structures that are built in various parts of the world almost everyday, only a handful of them actually get adequate attention and create the kind of buzz that will make them famous, attracting tourists from all around the world. From the initial 60 new landmarks that have recently been made and […]

Henderson Waves Pedistrian Bridge, Singapore

Exploring Henderson Waves Pedestrian Bridge

The Henderson Waves Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in all of Singapore. It measures 274 meters (899 feet) long and is 36 meters (118 feet) above the Henderson Road, a six-lane freeway running through the south coast of the island state. Considered as the largest of its kind in Asia, it connects Mount Faber […]

Top Three Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

You and your loved one have just taken the biggest step thus far in your shared life. You have decided to get married, and that shared life is just about to begin, in the truest and most complete sense possible. You are probably now busy with all sorts of wedding preparations and arrangements—and Heavens knows […]

Plush Bars, Anyone?

Most people think of bars as sleazy, basement-type joints with booze and cigarette smoke aplenty.  Probably very few would think of these watering holes to be elegant, quiet and  sophisticated venues, hosts to equally fine gentlemen and ladies, catering to the elite, the cream, the rich and famous. And exclusively only to them. But such […]

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