Eastern and Oriental Express

Nothing Beats the Magic of a Rail Journey – Top 5 Train Rides in Asia

If you are planning on an Asian tour, cut back on those “traveling by air” ideas, because Asia demands your attention. With its exotic locales, beautiful rivers, glorious landscapes and magnificent cultural heritage, a train ride is what you need. Back in the days when planes weren’t such a popular mode of traveling, train rides […]

Church of the Savior on Blood

Stupendous St.Petersburg, Russia – The Venice of the North

Saint Petersburg is a city in Russia which is located on the Neva River which flows out to the Baltic Sea. Not to be confused with its namesake in Florida, the city has previously been called Petrograd in 1914 and Leningrad from 1924. From 1991 the city has been named St. Petersburg; this is because […]

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