Trevi Fountain, Rome

When In Rome, You’ll Never Think of Going Home

Holiday trips or tours are supposed to be a time away from home, work, business, or kids. With this thought, tourists will normally anticipate going home as the end of the tour approaches. But when in Rome, one will certainly never think of going home. Although this city can be overwhelming with its rich culture […]

Great Barrier Reef

Top 10 Destinations that Should Be on Your Bucket List

Life is short, and the world a huge place.  With so many places to visit, it’s difficult to work out which destinations should make it to the top of your bucket list.  However, there are some places that offer far more than photo opportunities and should definitely be considered for a place on your list. […]

A View of Rome

4 Romantic Places to Go in Italy

Did you recently get married and are on the lookout for a good honeymoon getaway? Looking out for your next vacation destination with your special someone? If you are looking out for the perfect romantic place to do all these, then Italy just might be your best bet. Deemed as one of the most romantic […]

Exploring Rome on a Backpackers Budget

With its fabulous food, incredible history and breathtaking architecture, Rome is top of many people’s lists when it comes to a European break.  Unfortunately, with the world economy the way it is at the moment, not many people have spare cash for jaunts around Europe.  However, even if your budget is a shoestring, it is […]

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