Hit the Road

College Road Trip With Your Teen

Going on a road trip to look at colleges with your teenager should be a fun, exciting experience. While the two of you may have different expectations for the trip, a little planning and plenty of clear communication can help both of you to get the most out of the adventure. Choosing Colleges Carefully consider […]

Family Road Trips

Creating Kid-Friendly Road Trips

Keeping road trips fun for kids can be a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks for having a great and memorable road trip with your children. Planning Your Trip Involve your kids in the planning process! Where would they most like to visit, and why? What kinds of activities do your children enjoy? Are […]

Why Driving Across the US is Better than Flying

Driving Across the US in an┬áRVing is a great opportunity to get to know your family better while also exploring the United States as you drive through small towns, large cities, and natural wonders. There are many choices of motorhomes for sale and you can find incredible deals if you know how to shop. With […]

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