Mongolian Monasteries

Visit the Mysterious Monasteries in Mongolia

One of the best Trans-Siberian top winter tour destinations is Mongolia. I recently traveled to Mongolia because I wanted to learn more about the traditions of the Tsam masks and the mysteries surrounding them. I also want to know how each Mongolian monastery represented the different Tsam masks.  Each monastery owns its own set of […]

Brave Uncommon Terrain

Eat, Pray, Play: A Spiritual Guide to Travel

People take vacations for various reasons: to relax, to relieve stress, for family fun, etc. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is one of the top reasons to take a vacation, and today there is a growing trend of traveling for spiritual reflection. Whether you’re religious or not, traveling for the […]

The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Be Prepared: Four Things to Keep in Mind Before Going on Your Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip

The Taglit-Birthright Israel is a program brought to life by the collective efforts of philanthropists Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, together with the Israeli government and other private people. The program aims to give the Jews around the world the opportunity to visit Israel. Today, hundreds of thousands of Jews already get to experience the […]

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