Dancing House, Prague

Prague: An Architectural Dream

Prague is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The capital of the Czech Republic, it is the place over two million people have chosen as home, and millions of people choose to visit each year. The architectural creations that feature throughout the city are reasons in themselves to visit. There is a fusion of […]

Prague, Czech Republic

5 Unique Hotels in Prague

Prague is the kind of city best experienced rather than just seen.  Wander slowly around its historic streets, stopping to admire its stunning architecture and take frequent breaks at its lively bars and atmospheric cafes, before retiring to a hotel with a difference.  Staying in a conventional hotel in Prague takes something away from the […]

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Travel the City of 100 Spiers: Prague

The largest and capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague was considered a capital of European culture. The “City of 100 Spiers” might have fallen into oblivion during the communist era but it has risen today to become one of the most visited capitals in all of Europe. If you are planning to take your […]

10 Greatest Christmas Destinations

Most will spend their holiday at home reading their travel blogs, considering the recent economical crisis… But there are those who are willing to spend some money for a trip abroad and enjoy Christmas in a snowy town. 10: Dusseldorf The capital of North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany, lies on the banks of the Rhine. […]

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