White Water Rafting

Heart-Racing Adventure Destinations Worldwide

Although our planet is very well-traveled, unlike it was in the olden days, there are still destinations one can enjoy with pure gleeful abandon. If you’re looking for adventure, adrenaline rushes and breathtaking views, there are plenty of locations you can enjoy that. The following list covers only a scant few of those amazing spots […]

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Full Steam Ahead: 7 Classic Train Journeys to Savor

Trains are great aren’t they? We’re not talking the 06.25 St Pancras Express that arrives in central London just in time for the rush hour. Perish the thought, that wouldn’t be fun. We’re talking classic, exhilarating train journeys that open up a whole new world. Forget the wrong type of snow. From superfast to the […]

Spring Break Beach Volleyball

Hot Spots: Spring Break 2012

Every day you roll out of bed and head to class. Every afternoon you walk home from class, stop at the dining hall, grab some dinner and head back to the dorm. Every night you’re sitting at your desk studying for your next exam or writing your next paper. You deserve a break! It’s time […]

Washington, DC

Seven Cool Places to Travel on a Budget

Just because you don’t have lots of money doesn’t mean you can’t do any traveling. While vacations are rarely free, you also don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to visit some really cool places. Here are locations that are big on experience but easy on the wallet. 1. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. […]

Affordable Medical Treatments in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, close to the Bay of Banderas. It has been a popular tourist haunt for many years, and of late it has also become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in North America. The cost of healthcare in Mexico is significantly […]

Dental Tourism in Tijuana

Dental Tourism in Tijuana

With exorbitantly priced dental treatment in the US and Canada often beyond the financial means of many, it comes as no surprise that many citizens of these countries are traveling to Mexico for high-quality, low-cost dental care, thereby fueling dental tourism in Tijuana and other cities of Mexico. From getting a full mouth restoration to […]

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