Santorini, Greece

4 Must-Do Activities While on a Mediterranean Cruise

A lot of people are under wrong impression that Mediterranean cruises are not that popular. In fact this might come across as a pleasant surprise to a lot of people that it is indeed quite popular and in demand. For all the cruisers in the UK, Mediterranean cruises are quite accessible and one of the […]

Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising the Mediterranean

In the wake of the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra disasters would you go on a cruise liner at the minute? I would honestly say yes to that question. Not only are the prices now being slashed due to these incidents but the safety records on cruise ships are still impeccable. Now let’s have a […]

The Island of Menorca – Rich with Mediterranean Intrigue

The island of Menorca has been called “an open-air Mediterranean history museum.” Its location in the Balearic archipelago has made it a prime spot for colonization. Throughout its turbulent history, people of many cultures have settled on the island; Menorca was controlled by the Carthaginians, Muslims, French, and British, and it currently belongs to Spain. […]

Why are Mediterranean Cruises Still So Popular?

Ask a random sample of friends, work colleagues and mad people in the street to talk about cruises and I bet that most of them will mention the Mediterranean at some point. So what is that makes Mediterranean cruises so eternally popular? And have you gone on one yet? Lots of Culture In previous centuries […]


A package holiday to Spain: Enjoy Ibiza by day

Ibiza is famous for its string of pubs, restaurants and discotheques. However, this Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea has a lot more to show you on your holiday. It is filled with beautiful beaches, enchanting countryside, history and culture. You will enjoy the sights of stunning white washed villages, each with their own ancient […]

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