La Maddalena in Sardinia

A Week in Sardinia

Sardinia offers you everything you want in a holiday. From its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, to it’s rugged hillside olive groves and tiny medieval villages there really is something for everyone. So when it comes to planning your week away the only problem is deciding where to start. Sardinia is too big […]

Cape Gkreko

Cyprus: The Island for All Seasons

A country divided by the Green Line, Cyprus gives you the best of both worlds as it offers its tourists a Turkish experience up in the north and Greek down south. All year long, the island provides its visitors with a myriad of activities from biking and hiking to skiing on the world-famous Mount Olympus. […]

Group of Divers, a Frequently Seen Site in Menorca

Discover Menorca, the Caribbean of the Mediterranean

Menorca is often called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean due to its spectacular white sand beaches, sparkling azure waters and world-class diving areas. Literally known as the minor island, Menorca is one-fifth the size of its larger cousin, Majorca, but it has just as many attractions. Menorca is the northern most of four major landmasses […]

The Island of Menorca – Rich with Mediterranean Intrigue

The island of Menorca has been called “an open-air Mediterranean history museum.” Its location in the Balearic archipelago has made it a prime spot for colonization. Throughout its turbulent history, people of many cultures have settled on the island; Menorca was controlled by the Carthaginians, Muslims, French, and British, and it currently belongs to Spain. […]

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