Escondido Falls, California by maveric2003 on Flickr

Healthy Things To Do In LA

Los Angeles is the city that seems to have it all- gorgeous weather, beautiful people, great restaurants, and countless fun activities to do around the city.  Whether you live in or are visiting a city where Hollywood is at its center- it’s hard to get swept up into the many health and fitness fads. It […]

The Port of Los Angeles – Window to the World

The Port of Los Angeles has a long and colorful history, reaching back nearly 500 years to the first Portuguese explorers that came ashore. Known as the “Bahia de Los Fumas,” or Bay of Smoke because of the Native American campsites along the shore, this area remained relatively undeveloped until the late 1700’s when Spanish […]

Getty Center, Photo by prayitno on Flickr used under Creative Commons

Most Visited Museum in the US

If you are an art enthusiast or you just like to appreciate inspiring works of art then the Getty Center, founded by J. Paul Getty is a must see. This museum is home to some of the most breath taking art pieces in the world with sculptures, paintings and photography and attracts around 1.3million visitors […]

Top 5 Multi Centre Holidays USA

Gone are the days where one holiday destination is enough. US holidaymakers are becoming more adventurous with our itineraries and we are no longer content with a dependable, two-week annual getaway where we are fixed in one single place. Multi centre holidays have grown in popularity, especially in a continent as vast as the USA, […]

Top Vacation Spots of 2011

No matter where a person lives or his/her walk of life, one of the main enjoyable thing about summer is vacation. Perhaps it is the week or two off from work. Or maybe it is the freedom of not having to get up at the crack of dawn. Whatever it is, it is the one […]

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