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Eight Reasons to Add Johannesburg to Your Round the World Trip

photo: south-african-hotels Johannesberg, with an advantageous geographic position has recently become a sought-after tourist destination. Owing to its location, it serves as a transit point and connects Cape Town, Mozambique, Durban, Namibia, Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta; it is thus, the city that one has to pass through.  There was a point in time, […]

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10 Places You Must Visit In Johannesburg

Johannesburg first lured people to its tree lined hills with the promise of gold in the 1880’s and has since become a bustling metropolitan, filled with diverse range of cultures and activities. With so many things to do in Johannesburg it can be difficult to decide where to go on your trip. This is a list […]

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How to Find the Perfect Spa in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg (or Jo’burg as it is popularly known) is one of Africa’s most elitist and affluent cities. It is South Africa’s largest city and is home to Africa’s biggest stock exchange as well as the busiest airport. Flights jet in to Johannesburg from all over the globe whether it is night or daytime. Moreover, Johannesburg […]

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