Eastern and Oriental Express

Nothing Beats the Magic of a Rail Journey – Top 5 Train Rides in Asia

If you are planning on an Asian tour, cut back on those “traveling by air” ideas, because Asia demands your attention. With its exotic locales, beautiful rivers, glorious landscapes and magnificent cultural heritage, a train ride is what you need. Back in the days when planes weren’t such a popular mode of traveling, train rides […]

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Full Steam Ahead: 7 Classic Train Journeys to Savor

Trains are great aren’t they? We’re not talking the 06.25 St Pancras Express that arrives in central London just in time for the rush hour. Perish the thought, that wouldn’t be fun. We’re talking classic, exhilarating train journeys that open up a whole new world. Forget the wrong type of snow. From superfast to the […]


How High?!?! 5 Highest Holiday Destinations

How High? The world’s highest holiday destinations are not for the timid; these hotel destinations scrape into the clouds with their towering height. Whether you want to visit all of them, or just stay at a towering hotel during your vacation, here are the 5 highest holiday destinations. Baiyok Tower II, Bangkok – Located in […]

Nijo Castle

When in Japan…

Way back when, in high school, I got the opportunity to travel to Japan as a foreign exchange student. My trip was one month long, and consisted of one and a half weeks in Kyoto, one and a half weeks in rural Utsunomiya, and one and a half weeks in Tokyo. As a sixteen-year-old girl […]

Fabulous Getaway Skiing In Niseko, Japan

Niseko is a city located in Hokkaido, Japan. Niseko is known by the locals to mean the mountain range. As of 2008, the area has a small population of 4,667 people. However, this area received over 200,000 visitors per year for the skiing. Skiing is famous here, because of the fabulous snow covered mountains that […]

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