Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

7 Popular Cities to Visit in Italy

Anyone who has ever been to Italy will attest to the fact that this country is one of the most beautiful and historic in the world. If you are looking for a destination for your next trip with your family—Italy should definitely be a top contender. Here are some of the best cities to visit […]

Antelope Canyon Three by haasztamas, on Flickr

Hit The Road: 4 Unique Trips to Explore

Road trips are a great way to bond with the family; cruising over the open road in your car or a rented RV. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your next vacation, a road trip may be just what you’re looking for! No matter if you choose to stay in the country […]

A View of Rome

4 Romantic Places to Go in Italy

Did you recently get married and are on the lookout for a good honeymoon getaway? Looking out for your next vacation destination with your special someone? If you are looking out for the perfect romantic place to do all these, then Italy just might be your best bet. Deemed as one of the most romantic […]

Lake Maggiore in Italy

A Week at Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy

Wedged between the Swiss-Italian borders is the Mediterranean-like oasis, Lake Maggiore. The unexpectedly mild winters and granite-enriched soil foster an environment for exotic vegetation and flowers. Avoid the hassle of commercial flight and jet charter your family and/or friends to enjoy a week exploring islands, markets and cafes. Hire a boat or take a ferry […]

5 Unique Christmas Vacations

Most people enjoy waking up in their own home on Christmas morning or spending time with family. Some people, however, make use of the vacation time to take a trip. Just because you are traveling, though, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Christmas spirit. Here are five unique destinations that will let […]

Exploring Rome on a Backpackers Budget

With its fabulous food, incredible history and breathtaking architecture, Rome is top of many people’s lists when it comes to a European break.  Unfortunately, with the world economy the way it is at the moment, not many people have spare cash for jaunts around Europe.  However, even if your budget is a shoestring, it is […]

Tuscan Villas: Some Practical Advice to Rent One

Whether you have already rented Tuscan villas during your lifetime, or are considering doing so for your future holiday in Italy, you should have some prior knowledge to get an advantage, saving some money and time. There are so many websites promoting this type of accommodation in Tuscany that nobody ever goes to a travel […]

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