Eastern and Oriental Express

Nothing Beats the Magic of a Rail Journey – Top 5 Train Rides in Asia

If you are planning on an Asian tour, cut back on those “traveling by air” ideas, because Asia demands your attention. With its exotic locales, beautiful rivers, glorious landscapes and magnificent cultural heritage, a train ride is what you need. Back in the days when planes weren’t such a popular mode of traveling, train rides […]

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Full Steam Ahead: 7 Classic Train Journeys to Savor

Trains are great aren’t they? We’re not talking the 06.25 St Pancras Express that arrives in central London just in time for the rush hour. Perish the thought, that wouldn’t be fun. We’re talking classic, exhilarating train journeys that open up a whole new world. Forget the wrong type of snow. From superfast to the […]

Belize Barrier Reef

10 Wonders to See Before They Disappear

Timelines have been heard, stating that global warming can wipe out the Great Barrier Reef by 2030, while the glaciers in the Swiss Alps, Glacier National Park and on Mt. Kilimanjaro will disappear within 40 years; the ice melting in the poles will leave the polar bears extinct. These situations have driven hundreds of people […]

Baby Boy

Surrogacy Tourism in India

Not being able to conceive or carry a child may be the most devastating thing a couple can go through. Surrogacy changes all of that. With surrogacy, couples who previously may have thought they would never have a baby now can, and India is a premier destination to do it. The Confederation of Indian Industry […]

Colored Powder for Sale for Holi

Holi: The Most Colourful Festival in India

The festival of Holi is celebrated all over India, and this unique event is a cultural experience that you won’t soon forget. If you are visiting India during Holi, here is some information useful for enjoying this fun and chaotic religious festival: What is Holi? Holi is a religious spring festival which is celebrated by […]

Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

India is a popular destination among healthcare seekers open to the idea of traveling to a foreign land to avail low cost and quality medical treatments. As per the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the country received around 450,000 medical tourists in 2007. Medical tourism in India is on the rise and this can […]

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