Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Most Popular Things to See in Old City Jerusalem

Jerusalem offers travelers some of the most breathtaking religious experiences around the world. With history dating back 3,000 years, it’s no wonder why Jerusalem is one of the most sought after religious vacation destinations. If you’re taking a trip to Jerusalem then a must-visit site is Old City Jerusalem. The area offers one of the […]

Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Traveling to the Holy Land

So you have finally decided to fulfill a promise you made yourself and booked a trip to Israel, the Holy Land. The security situation weighed on your mind but then you came to the realization that the press always exaggerates the facts on the ground. That, coupled with your strong belief in fate, was the […]

Haifa, Israel

Did you know this about Israel!?!?

Israel is the cradle of world religion and, of course, a country with a rich history. But there is so much more to do in Israel than just this. Israel is has a vibrant range of incredible cultural activities, is a country of immense geographical diversity, a melting pot of societies, and a center of […]

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