surfing in Hawaii

Say “Aloha” to Maui

Can you imagine the sun kissed beaches; a blue sea with exotic sea creatures, picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and a lovely libation in your hand while you just lay back and enjoy your holiday? How about you and your better half having a marvelous time on your honeymoon as the waves gently lap up against […]

Escape The Cold

Escape the Cold – 4 Warm Vacations that will Keep Jack Frost Away

When winter weather is at its worst, you’ll no doubt be tempted to escape to a warmer destination. But where to go? A tropical climate with brilliant sunshine rejuvenates weary spirits and keeps the circulation flowing, so wherever you go – choose somewhere warm. Whether interested in high culture or peaceful surroundings, these four destinations […]


Top 4 Cruises to Take With the Family in 2013

Cruises are incredibly exciting because you essentially get to take all kinds of vacations at once. There are shops on board and shows, pools, games, sometimes entire amusement park rides, such as water slides and roller coasters. That’s what makes them so great for the entire family, so consider one of these cruise destinations the […]

El Capitan, Yosemite, California

The 6 Most Stunning Natural Sights in North America

If you’re thinking of travelling in North America for a bit of outdoor recreation, the only thing to do is book your tickets now as you’ll be in for a treat. There is an extraordinary variety of terrain, from lush temperate forests and waterfalls to arid deserts populated by eerily-shaped rocks and from the great […]

An Oahu Scuba Diving Adventure

We’ve always wanted to try Oahu scuba diving. My wife is always going on and on about how we never have any time together ever since we had our three kids and I started my new job. So, I decided for our twenty-fifth anniversary that I would take her on a vacation to Hawaii, just […]

Snorkelers with a sea turtle in Hawaii

5 Things You Must Experience on Your Hawaiian Vacation

1. Eat Authentic Polynesian Cuisine There’s something delectable about Polynesian food. The range of flavors is unlike what we’re used to in colder climates. It’s packed with the rich colors and flavors of fresh seafood, tropical fruits and macadamia nuts. The best way to taste the food is at a luau. Luaus are traditionally great […]


Why Hawaii is a Life Changing Vacation Destination

The Hawaiian Islands are situated the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2000 miles from anywhere else. Most famed in Britain for the TV shows ‘Hawaii Five 0’ and ‘Magnum P.I.’, they were once British and were the place where Captain Cook met his end. They are also where Barack Obama was born. But are they […]

5 Island Paradises You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are looking to get away to an island paradise, but do not want to deal with the all the normal vacation crowds, then consider going to one of the lesser known tropical islands. While they might not come with all the Bond-esque glamor of the Bahamas, their secluded and untrammeled charm should more […]

The Colored Beaches of Hawaii

When you think of beaches, the first thing that probably comes to mind is beautiful white sand and crystal blue seas. This is not always the case though; there is a whole world of amazingly varied beaches out there, with some crazily colored sand. Sand is essentially an astronomical amount of ground-down rock and this […]

Pearl Harbor

Hawaii – More than Just a Pretty Beach!

There are so many great things to do in Hawaii that people don’t really think about. When most people think about Hawaii all they really think about is the beach. What most people don’t think about is what makes Hawaii so special! Pearl Harbor is located on the coast of Hawaii as we all know. […]

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