Eden Gardens in Cornwall

Wonderful Gardens to Visit in Cornwall, England

England is famous across the world for its magnificent gardens, as it has a rich history of wonderful outdoor spaces dating back to the eighteenth century and further still. In fact there are so many great gardens across the UK today that it would be a shame to visit the country without seeing behind the […]

Gardens at Chartwell

Five Great Gardens to Visit in the UK

For a truly lovely day out, the United Kingdom is home to a frankly ridiculous number of beautiful public gardens, so you’re really spoiled for choice. Don’t bother struggling with sand between your toes at the beach, visit a garden instead! Here are five of the best. 1. Coughton Court, Warwickshire Recently celebrating its 600th […]

On the right you can see the tokonoma. By Kyotowa (Flickr)

Living Traditionally in Modern Japan

Japanese people have a healthy association to the past, and maintain a strong connection to their traditions and roots, unlike most of us in the Western world. Homes Traditional Japanese homes are built entirely of wood with timber frames, have no ornate edgings, and have many paper screens within to create separate rooms.  Free-standing houses […]

Door Ermitage Labyrinth Horta

Barcelona’s Prettiest Parks and Gardens

What makes a city a great place to visit? A vibrant cultural life, interesting museums, great local food, exciting nightlife – sure, all of these things are important, but so are the moments away from the bustling life of a city. Barcelona is wonderfully alive and colorful, with excitement to be found at almost every […]

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