Gap Year by Frontierofficial on Flickr

Ten Reasons Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Going on a gap year is highly recommended if you want to see new parts of the world, while taking on new experiences. You can choose to take a gap year between school and university, or at any time in your career if you just want a break from work. There are many reasons for […]

An Idiot Abroad – What Not To Do On Your Gap Year

Planning a gap year abroad can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. From the old-hands who chide you for even thinking of visiting Thailand (‘that’s so 90’s, no-one goes there anymore’) to the friends who’re aghast that you’re not packing a hair-dryer, to your parents frantically worrying about money belts, lockable bags and emergency telephone numbers, […]

Taking A Gap Year Causes Demotivation: Myth Or Reality?

  The idea that travellers who take a gap year return with a loss of motivation is of course a debate that incurs some truth. There are in fact people who on their return home decide to avoid work and education whilst pining for the adventurous life they’ve left behind. However is this new found […]

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